What’s The Best Hand Held Blender On The Market Today?

kitchenaid hand blender

When a hand held blender, or stick blender could easily become one of the most versatile implements in your kitchen, it makes sense to save a little research time by reading in depth kitchen blender reviews for all the popular brands. Based on price and value for money here’s our opinion on the top 3 hand blenders on the market today.

1) KitchenAid Hand Blender

KitchenAid immersion blenderBased on price and value for money the KitchenAid hand held blender is one of the best blenders for the money on the market today.

It’s a Pro blender by design, with a very affordable price tag. The motor is quiet and powerful and the size of the unit makes it simple to store out of sight in your kitchen.

What sets this model apart from similar brands and the closest competition is the fact that it offers a variable speed control dial. This means that you can select the perfect speed needed for your cooking project whether it involved whipping, blending, mixing, or “fluffing”.

The blending attachment and the three-cup beaker (and lid) are safe to use in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning up a snap.

It can also be immersed in liquid up to eight inches deep, allowing you to blend in the pot quickly and easily without the mess of ladling out into a different bowl, so it’s quicker and cleaner. It’s also great for blending smoothies in-container for a convenient breakfast treat.

Most people who have used this blender love the product for small or quick blending jobs that do not require a full blender or mixer (or the mess these larger appliances generate)… Read Full Kitchenaid Immersion Blender Review

2) Dualit Hand Held Blenders

dualit hand blenderIf you haven’t invested in a good immersion blender yet, the Dualit hand blender would be an excellent choice. This is a great tool for anyone interested in only the finest tools and equipment in their kitchens.

One thing that sets this particular hand blender apart is the optional accessories kit you can purchase with it. This kit includes a chopping device, mixing beaters, a balloon whisk, and a beaker for blending.

This immersion blender features ample blending power that can be used for a wide range of tasks including blending, chopping, pureeing, liquidizing, whisking, and grinding.

In addition to a pulse feature this stick allows for variable speeds between 9,000 and 16,000 rpm.

The most consistent complaints about this particular immersion blender relate to longevity and/or durability.

While there are many who are delighted with their purchases and have enjoyed a long and happy relationship with it, there are others who had a happy relationship with their blender until it simply stopped working for them – mostly around the one year mark.

One way to get around this is to invest in an extended warranty if available and make sure you register your product.

All in all, the blender is well known for blending beautifully and a worthy investment to consider if you plan on using this device often… Read Full Dualet Blender Review

3) Cuisinart Hand Blender

Cuisinart SmartstickOverall, the Cuisinart Smartstick hand blender is a solid, fairly reliable little blender. If you’re looking for a more economical option for a small hand blender then this is something you might be interested in.

The Cuisinart hand blender can be used in either the beaker that it comes with or right in the pots, bowls, and pitchers you’re using for cooking and making drinks. It is perfectly suitable to a wide range of kitchen tasks including blending drinks, mixing batter, pureeing soups, and whipping up a super fluffy scrambled egg breakfast.

The 200-watt motor is plenty powerful to handle a wide range of blending tasks. The long stick design of the blender makes it perfect for using in pots and pitchers. The shaft of the blender and the beaker that comes with it are both dishwasher safe so that cleanup is a breeze.

While this is a product that can be broken down and stored out of sight very easily, it also comes in a wide range of color options so that it won’t look out of place if you leave it on your countertop.

In fact, this is one item you may decide is worth having at arms-reach at all times when you’re working in the kitchen. It’s so versatile, convenient, and easy to use that it’s worth using often and using well.

More importantly, the price is right on this nifty little hand held blender and it’s also backed by a limited three-year warranty… Read The Full Cuisinart Hand Blender Review

Other Popular Hand Held Blenders

Gordon Ramsay Bamix Blender

Bamix Hand Blender
4 stars $120 – $350
Having someone like Gordon Ramsay endorse a product means when you purchase it you are getting a product which is well built… Gordon Ramsay Bamix Blender Review

Waring Immersion Blender

Waring Immersion Blender
4 stars $89 – $157
An outstanding work horse in the kitchen, the Waring hand held blender is more than capable of preparing hot and cold foods quickly… Waring immersion blender review

Braun Hand Blender – Multiquick

Braun Hand Blender
Rating: 4 stars Price: $89 – $159
When it comes to convenient, versatile blending, the Braun Multiquick is the go-to tool for busy chefs everywhere… Braun Hand Blender review

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender
3.5 stars $24 – $34
In its price range, this Hamilton Beach Blender is one of the best. Its 200 watts of power make it more powerful that some of the other blenders in its class… Hamilton Beach Blender Review

Breville Hand Blender – Cordless

Breville Hand Blender
3.5 stars $95 – $99
Though not as powerful as some immersion blenders with cords, this Breville blender is near the top of the cordless immersion blender market… Breville Hand Blender Review

Oster Hand Blender

Oster Hand Blender
3 stars $19 – $39
The electric knife option offered by the 3-in-1 version of the Oster hand held blender is unique among hand blenders of this class… Oster Hand Held Blender Review

MIXXO Bosch Blender – Cordless

Bosch Hand Blender
3 stars $39 – $79
A functional cordless unit, the Mixxo Bosch blender is the perfect companion for any cook as it makes small, time-consuming tasks a breeze… Mixxo Bosch Blender Review

Philips Hand Blender (UK)

Philips Hand Blender
4 stars £48 – £79
The Philips Hr1372 blender is such a versatile and awesome blender. It will feel equally at home in the professional or private kitchen… Philips Hr1372 Blender Review

Morphy Richards Blender (UK)

Morphy Richards Blender
3 stars £39 – £79
This Morphy Richards immersion blender should be an integral tool in every kitchen as it is such a useful implement… Morphy Richards Immersion Blender Review

Immersion Blender Overview

Hand Blender
Hand Blender

The long, thin blending shaft of an immersion blender is ideal as it can fit into most large drink cups, saucepans, mixing bowls means you can blend things without having to transfer messy contents into separate processing bowls and back again!

Quick-release attachments means your hand held blender can become a hand held electric whisk, a blender or beater or tool for pureeing food or even a chopper, crusher, slicer and dicer.

Each attachment locks into place for use and releases easily when you need to change or clean it.

The majority of immersion blenders have a standard power handle, complete with two power speeds or settings. These are usually set into a soft rubber grip section and feature a touch and release control that allows you to mix consistently when needed, or mix in short pulses if required.

The blending shaft is usually made of either stainless steel or tough plastic, depending on the model you choose. Either option still allows you to blend hot soup or ice-cold drinks without damage to your blender shaft, and both are remarkably easy to clean in warm, soapy water.

Create smooth dips or sauces with the stick blender’s standard blender shaft in-bowl or puree cooked vegetables right in the pot without scratching the surface.

Hand Held Blender Attachments

Stick blenders often come with a multitude of added attachments, all designed to make cooking easier. The whisk attachment is a common feature for many mini blenders, allowing you to whisk cream or eggs or fluffy puddings in seconds instead of minutes.

You should also find that most hand held blenders have a mini chopper attachment. The first thought in most people’s minds is chopping vegetables, but when you attach the motorized section of your hand blender to the mini chopper bowl, you also have an ice crusher or the perfect attachment to crush peanuts or any other nuts.

Braun Hand Blender
Braun Hand Blender

You can use it for gentler purposes, such as crumbling biscuits for cheesecake bases or even crumbling bread to make breadcrumbs in seconds. Your mini chopper attachment will also allow you to process meat or mince garlic in seconds. The stainless steel blades will chop through almost anything you want with ease, although it’s not designed for really hard foods, like coffee beans.

Many immersion blenders also include a measuring beaker, which is excellent for measuring the things you need while you’re cooking, but it’s also the ideal size for making smoothies, thick shakes or frothy milkshakes as your hand blender shaft fits into the jug easily.

Regardless of which type of blender you buy, a hand blender will fast become one of the most-used utensils in your kitchen. It will make short work of everyday tasks and make preparing food and blending drinks a pleasure.

The Waring Immersion Blender

Sometimes a company will produce a product that everyone who uses it likes and Waring seem to have done that with their new immersion blender. All of the best immersion blenders come complete with different settings and continuous On feature. Never again will the potatoes or cake batter be full of lumps even after blending.

Waring Quik Stik Medium Duty Immersion Hand Blender
The Waring SB10 is most popular for home use, and the Quik Stik is designed more for the restaurant or a kitchen that deals with a lot of traffic.

The Quik Stik immersion blender from Waring makes the chore of blending simple with its powerful motor and huge 60 quart capacity.

Waring Immersion Blender

A real work horse in the kitchen, with apparently no task too difficult for it. The Quik Stik immersion blender is comfortable when being used, courtesy of the rubber handle and comes with a second handle, making the blending process a pleasure not a chore.

The heavy duty motor on board the Waring hand blender will deliver the power whenever it is needed, capable of delivering 18,000RPM. With 9 settings on the 750 watt variable speed motor you can be assured that your whipped potatoes and soups will be lump free.

The 15 gallon capacity should be more than enough for even the busiest of chefs when large quantities of food are needed to be blended like potatoes and vegetables for soups.

This blender is more than capable of preparing hot and cold foods quickly without any fuss making it perfect for the busiest of kitchens.


Waring Quik Stik Blender

Whether one wants whipped potatoes, purees, soups, sauces, dips or other foods prepared and blended, the immersion blender could be the blender of choice.

The Waring Big Stik has a 14 inch stainless steel shaft is totally sealed but can be easily removed so you can wash it in the dishwasher.

The comfort grip is made from rubber, giving you the grip you need when using the Waring immersion blender.

One unique feature this blender has is the hands free feature with the continuous On feature. Many hands make light work springs to mind with this blender.

The powerful motor has the ability to be adjusted from 5,000 to 18,000RPM. So now when you need to blend but don’t require the full power this immersion blender with 9 different power settings should give you the perfect mixture every time.

Waring (WSB50) 12” Heavy-Duty Big Stix Immersion Blender
  • Immersion blender is perfect for driving through the thickest ingredients to produce sauces, batters and soups in just minutes
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material. Product Dimensions (h x w x d): 27″ x 5″ x 5.5″
  • Features a rubberized comfort grip and a second handle for safe and controlled operation

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Disadvantages and complaints about the Waring immersion blender were hard to come by, but some did surface:

If you require any spare parts for the Waring hand blender then it seems Waring themselves don’t stock parts, meaning they could be difficult to come by.

Price wise this blender is quite expensive and could put some people off from buying it. Professional chefs and restaurants, on the other hand, will probably be able to recoup the money due to the fact the Waring immersion blender is so versatile and powerful.


The Waring immersion blender seems to be an excellent choice for restaurants and chefs no matter how large the kitchen is but for the amateur chef this may be a little too much for their kitchen. The blender is more than capable of performing those blending tasks effortlessly and turning your ingredients into light, fluffy and delicious foods.

Of course, this blender is not totally perfect and some niggly points were found. One of these included the price tag, which could be a disadvantage to some people, but for the professionals and busy home cooks amongst us then this blender is ideal.

Where To Buy A Waring Immersion Blender

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The Oster Hand Blender

The Oster hand blender is designed to make blending less of a hassle. Because you can immerse this hand held blender directly into almost any container, you don’t have to manhandle heavy pots, pans, and kitchen appliances in order to achieve your blending needs.

Oster Hand Blender

You can use this handy kitchen gadget to make soups, purees, baby food, salad dressings, smoothies, mixed drinks, and more.

Oster 2 Speed Hand Blender

Oster Hand Blender
Oster 2 Speed Hand Blender

The Oster hand blender comes in several models. The most basic comes with a blending cup, in case the blender does not fit in your glass or you want to blend your food before you transfer it somewhere else.

You can get this blender in white or red, and it has an ergonomic handle, 250 watt motor, 2 speeds of blending, a durable stainless steel blade, and a detachable blending rod.

Oster 3-in-1 Hand Blender

Oster Held Hand Blender
Oster 3 in One Hand Blender

Oster also makes a 3-in-1 hand blender that also works as a chopper and an electric knife.

Though this blender comes only in black, it offers a 350 watt motor, the same ergonomic grip, a stainless steel grinder and stainless steel blades, a plastic container, chopping blade attachment, blending blade attachment, electric knife blades, and a mini chopper container that has a lid. Its components snap apart easily and the jar and blades are dishwasher safe.


The multiple speeds offered by this blender makes it stand out from some other manufacturer’s models, which only come with one speed. Having multiple choices allows you better control over the texture of your food, not to mention over any backsplash and mess that you might have to clean up.

The fact that most of the blender’s components are dishwasher safe makes it easier to use than models where all the washing must be done by hand. Being able to clean the blender’s parts in the dishwasher also means that they are germ-free the next time you use them.

The electric knife option offered by the 3-in-1 version of the Oster hand held blender is unique among hand blenders of this class. Having that option makes the whole thing even more versatile.


The construction of this hand blender leaves much to be desired. The plastic in the handle cracks easily, and once it is cracked it is impossible to clean inside the motor casing. Eventually, moisture can build up in there and the blender will stop working. In addition, the blender is no longer hygienic to use once it has been contaminated by food this way.

The motor in these blenders also tends to have problems. Users report it burning out after one or two uses, or simply generating a burning smell that does not go away throughout the life of the blender. Either way, the Oster hand blender is not useful once its motor starts to deteriorate like this.


While this blender offers some unique features, its shoddy construction makes it a difficult appliance to recommend. It seems that there are better hand blenders out there that will last longer than the Oster and that are safer to use. Unless you have a specific need for a blender that can also function as an electric knife or you have some loyalty to Oster, check out other brands before you purchase this one.

The Philips Hand Blender

The Philips hand blender is such a versatile and awesome blender. It will feel equally at home in the professional or private kitchen mixing, chopping or mashing your food and with a powerful motor, even the hardest jobs will be completed with ease.

Philips Hand Blender

There are plenty of attachments for you to play with and will cover every eventuality. And with the Philips name stamped onto the side of the blender you can be sure that you will be buying a good, quality product.

You really do get a lot for your money with the Philips hand blender and could be worth the investment if you are looking for a hand blender.

To start with the Philips blender has a whopping 700 watt motor, that is more than capable of turning your food into the consistency you require, with the added bonus of 5 speed settings and a turbo button, all that adds up to one powerful hand blender which can chop, mash and blend your food perfectly.

Philips Hand Blender
Philips Hand Blender

The power cord is a good length at 1.4 meters long and comes out from the top of the blender, and doesn’t hamper you when you are using the blender.

Accessories include 2 choppers, a mini and an xl one. The xl chopper can be used to chop large quantities of food which it is capable of doing effortlessly. A serrated blade is also included, that can be used for crushing ice, an excellent feature when the sun is hot and you need something to drink to cool you down. A whisk is included which is perfect for thickening up cream or whisking eggs together, and a large 1 liter beaker with lid which is dishwasher safe.

The blender is then finished off with an anti splash blade guard. With all those accessories you are sure to keep busy using your blender, and when you have finished using it it’s easy to clean and store away without being obtrusive.


The smooth stainless steel or black look will please the eye and not look out of place anywhere in the kitchen. The blender comes with lots of gadgets for you to play with and you should have one for any type of food processing.

Keeping your hand blender clean is no problem as some parts are dishwasher safe, the main body of the blender can be wiped over with a damp cloth which will keep your Philips hand blender sparkling. Removing the attachments couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is press 2 buttons and they attach or detach easily.


Like nearly everything we use there are likely to be problems when using your utensils, and this hand blender is no different. Some people have stated that the motor gets hot when mixing, while others say the xl chopper is only a little bit larger than the mini chopper.

Another disadvantage is the manual. This covers 3 different types of blenders and is only a few pages long so doesn’t help or advise you too much. There are pros and cons with everything in life, and buying utensils are no different, at the end of the day the choice is yours.


Purchasing this Philips blender for your kitchen needs will be an addition worth having. It’s powerful and versatile enough to see to all your needs whether you are mixing, mashing, whisking or purifying your food. It looks good in either stainless steel or black and complements any kitchen.

As for the price, well the Philips hand blender is mid range price wise but you do get a lot for your money. And one more thing is guaranteed, and that is you will get the Philips creativity, build quality and years of experience of making the best kitchen utensils available.

Morphy Richards Hand Blender

morphy richards hand blender

The Morphy Richards hand blender  is a versatile and easy to use, it could be an integral tool in every kitchen, it is such a useful implement.

Morphy Richards Hand Blender
Morphy Richards Hand Blender

This electric hand blender packs a powerful punch when it comes to all your kitchen blending, mixing or chopping needs, and with eight speed settings and ergonomic design your Morphy Richards blender will do the job it was designed to do.

The Morphy Richards immersion blender is packed full of features including a 500 watt motor. With eight different speeds and turbo setting, the blender makes short work of anything you want to mix, puree, chop or blend.

Stainless steel blades mean long-lasting durability and consistent sharpness with easy cleaning. It also comes with various attachments and utilities including a whisk attachment and chopper blade. There is also an ice crushing facility which produces the perfect crushed ice for those nice cool drinks in summer.

All the attachments are quick release so there’s no need to struggle attaching them to the blender or taking them off, this saves time and effort when you want to use the hand blender, especially if you are in a hurry.

The Morphy Richards hand blender also include a plastic measuring beaker which is dishwasher safe. All this is rounded off with the instruction manual, guarantee and even a recipe book outlining multiple uses for this versatile implement.

Cleaning the hand blender couldn’t be easier. A damp cloth will see to it your blenders moving parts are kept clean and ready to use another day. As for the attachments like the whisk and the bowls, a simple wash in warm, soapy water will do the trick and have them gleaming in no time.

The Morphy Richards hand blender is a highly useful utensil for many varied uses and is available at a competitive price.


Morphy Richards Hand Blender
Morphy Richards Hand Blender

The ergonomic design and ease of use are just some of the advantages of having a Morphy Richards hand blender in the kitchen. The stainless steel finish and black rubber handle on the blender will not be out of place no matter what style of kitchen you have and when you have finished using the blender you can safely store the blender away in a cupboard or drawer.

The different attachments are another plus for this Morphy Richards immersion blender. It seems the designers behind Morphy Richards have thought long and hard about what the consumers needs are and given you attachments and utilities they know you will need and use in any kitchen.

The 500 watt motor is quiet when running, even on the highest setting, unlike some blenders which are very noisy when being used. The conveniently placed rubber grip also helps to reduce any heat transference, so it won’t heat up in your hand or become uncomfortable to hold while you blend.

There are eight speed settings for you to use so no matter how tough the job is, your Morphy Richards blender will tackle the job effortlessly. There is a safety cut out too which is a very good thing to have on a utility like this. If you tip the blender upside down it will stop working until you have it facing downwards. This is a great


All in all, the Morphy Richards immersion blender is a versatile and easy to use hand blender. It’s ideal for chopping, mixing, blending, crushing, whisking and much more. If you need your food pureed smoothly, quickly and easily, especially for a baby then this hand blender is for you.

With its ergonomic design this is a blender that will complement any kitchen, and when not in use can be stored away conviently inside a cupboard or drawer. The attachments are an excellent addition and Morphy Richards has thought about the consumers needs, by including utensils you will need and use.

The 500 watt motor is powerful enough to complete any task it is given, from chopping, mashing, blending or mixing, and with its eight variable speeds and the inclusion of a turbo button, you can be confident knowing the Morphy Richards immersion blender will do the job it is intended to do and for a more competitive cost than many other hand blenders of similar quality.

The KitchenAid Immersion Blender – A Great Tool?

KitchenAid immersion blender

KitchenAid immersion blender

The KitchenAid immersion blender is nearly professional in its design, and the great news is that it comes at a price anyone can afford.

  • The ‘S’ Blade will blend, shred, puree or crush ice for drinks or a fruit smoothy.
  • The Multi-purpose Blade will chop and mince your heavy foods.
  • The Beater Blade is used to whip creams, sauces and batters.

The KitchenAid immersion blender is a great Kitchenaid Blender to have around for chopping and pureeing foods quickly and cleanly, many people compare it to much more expensive professional models in how well it does its job.

It features a super easy on/off switch, a washable and easily-removed blade housing, along with a lengthy cable and lots of power to help you blend soups into that gorgeous creamy consistency.

Many attachments are included with the latest Kitchenaid 5 speed immersion blender, such as whisks and other beaters, making it even more useful for the money you spend.

KitchenAid KHB2561OB 5-Speed Hand Blender - Onyx Black
  • Removable 8" Blending Arm locks into the motor body for easy operation when blending in deeper pots.
  • The Industry's First Interchangeable Bell Blade Assemblies offer limitless versatility for any culinary task. Three interchangeable bell blade assemblies allow you to easily crush ice, puree soup, froth milk and so much more.
  • The Whisk Attachment can be used to quickly whip egg whites to fluffy peaks and cream or emulsify vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

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Features and Advantages

This blender has many advantages to it. One thing many people mention is how smooth you can make things. It has many speeds that you can choose from, and these are easily controlled with the dial on the top.

The KitchenAid immersion blender, is very powerful and has several speeds. Its power cord is 5 feet long, making it very easy to reach whatever you are trying to blend. To switch out the attachments, there is an easy release system that is just two buttons you push.

KitchenAid Hand Blender
KitchenAid Stainless Steel Hand Blender

The handle on this blender is made to be comfortable to hang onto. Many people have praised the ergonomic design, saying it is nicer to hold onto than similar products by other brands. If you have to used this tool for a long time, your hand is less likely to get tired.

The blender “wand” is made out of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. This also avoids the staining problems you may have with plastic blenders

It can be immersed in liquids up to 8 inches deep, which makes it easy to make soups, drinks, and many other things without worrying so much about the depth of the liquid.

The KitchenAid immersion blender also has a splash guard to make it less likely that the spinning blades will send anything flying out of the container you are working in. This makes it cleaner to use than some models, and definitely safer because you don’t have to worry about hot liquids being splattered on you.

A final advantage of the KitchenAid hand blender is that it is quiet. A lot of people who use it note how little noise it makes compared to similar items.

9-Speed or the New 5 Speed

Kitchenaid Immersion Blenders
Kitchenaid Immersion Blenders

The original 9 speed blender has been a firm favorite with consumers for a long time now, and is still a great buy. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Having said that, the latest Kitchenaid 5 speed immersion blender is also getting rave reviews!

Additions for the new 5 speed include a 1 quart blending jug, a 2 1/2-cup chopper cup and a whisk. Also new are the three inter-changeable blades for separate blending tasks:

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The KitchenAid hand blender is a little cumbersome compared to some other hand blenders. This is something that most people get used to after the first couple uses, but it is something to keep in mind. It weighs in at about 2 pounds, and with it being 17 inches long, this may seem unwieldy to some people.

There is also no safety-switch on the KitchenAid hand blender. Precautions need to be taken with this device whenever it is plugged in, but this is no different from any other power tool.

Consumer Reviews

So far the new KitchenAid 5 speed immersion blender has been very well received. The only negative review we could find was from someone who had never used a stick blender before.

On Amazon it has received a massive 520 Five Star ratings out of 659 reviews, giving it an impressive 4.5 Star Rating!

My Conclusion

All in all, the KitchenAid immersion blender is a highly recommended tool. It is nearly professional in its design, but it comes at a price that anyone can afford.

There are thousands of things you can do with a hand blender, and this one can take on just about anything you throw at it.

Another thing about KitchenAid blenders is that they come with a one year no-hassle warrantee. The few people who have reported a problem with their blender have also noted that it was replaced with no issues. Usually, the new blender works just fine and the customer is thrilled.

Where To Buy The KitchenAid Hand Blender:

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The Dualit Hand Blender

dualit hand blender

dualit hand blenderThe Dualit Hand Blender offers a lot of power in a small, easy-to-use package. It’s one of the best hand blenders available and considered professional grade.

The stainless steel blades last a long time, and the 320 watt motor allows you more power than you might expect in a hand blender. This power allows you to chop ice, mix sticky or dense batters, and chop foods that you would not be able to chop with just any hand blender.

In addition, the Dualit hand blender offers the user a lot of control, with variable speeds between 9000 and 16000 rpm and a pulse feature up to 17000 rpm. You can easily use this trustworthy little blender to mix drinks, puree soups or vegetables, make smoothies, and more.

It’s small size and easy portability make it the versatile blender you can use almost anywhere.

Features and Advantages

In addition to the usual versatility of hand blenders, the Dualit Hand Blender offers an amount of power usually seen in much larger blenders.

With its 320 watt heavy-duty motor and an infinite amount of variations in speed between 9000 and 16000 rpm and a turbo pulse button up to 17000 rpm.

However, this blender does not just offer you power, but a way to control that power. Because you have infinite control of the blender’s revolutions per minute, you can get the foods you’re blending to the perfect texture.

The control also allows you to conserve power and the motor of your blender, making it last even longer.

Dualit Hand Blender 88860
Dualit Hand Blender 88860

Dualit Hand Blender
Hand Blender Plus Accessories Kit
Dualit Immersion Blender with Accessory Kit, Chrome
  • Powerful Heavy Duty 400 Watt DC Motor
  • Smart ergonomic design with convenient grip
  • Variable Speed Control 9000 rpm to 16000 rpm and a Turbo function for even quicker chopping, purifying and liquidizing power

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Its detachable blending stick with stainless steel blade is dishwasher proof, and its easy-grip handle is soft to the touch. You can order the Dualit Hand Held Blender with either a soft-touch or a chrome body.

The whole blender, when assembled, weights only 2 kg, making it light and easy to use.

The Dualit Hand Blender also has optional dishwasher-safe attachments, unlike many other hand blenders. This will save you time, as you will not have to wash these items by hand.

The accessories kit comes with a balloon whisk, a pair of chrome plated beaters, a 500 ml container with a chopping blade and a stainless steel cooking beaker.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The Dualit can become hot after use, as 320 watts of power is a lot for its small plastic casing.

While it does not overheat easily, the heat it generates can be disturbing and occasionally make the unit difficult to hold.

The inside of the blender handle can also be difficult to clean. Since it cannot be put in the dishwasher, you must clean a gasket and other rubber parts by hand, and they can be difficult to reach, let alone clean and dry.

This Dualit Blender is also more expensive than many other hand blenders. While it also offers more features, the price can be discouraging to infrequent users or those with simple blending jobs.

Our Conclusion

The Dualit Blender is one of the best hand blenders available. Considered professional grade, it can do almost anything that your usual mixer can do. It offers you a lot of power, sturdy construction, and infinite control, making it a useful little appliance to have around the house.

While it can be difficult to clean, that is a complaint about many hand blenders and does not undermine the unit’s functionality or versatility.

If you need a hand blender for frequent or heavy-duty use, or just want to make sure that your blender will be around for a long time, the Dualit is the one for you.

What Do Others Think Of This Blender?

Most consumers agree with us and rate this as a top quality hand blender.

The only relevant negative point was that the US version of the blender is labelled incorrectly at 320 watts. As mentioned in our review it has 320 watts, but this is plenty of power for home use.

The Dualit hand blender has received 21 five star on Amazon and averages 4 stars overall from a total of around 16 reviews.

Where To Buy A Dualit Hand Blender

Sale Dualit Immersion Blender with Accessory Kit, Chrome

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Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

In its price range, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is one of the best. This is one of the best immersion blenders and will allow you to do all the things you normally do with a blender in your cooking pan or glass instead. This includes blending drink mixes, making smoothies, pureeing vegetables and mixing dough.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender
Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

Most models of the blender come with a whisk, as well, which only adds to the versatility of this blender.

In addition to its convenience, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is simple and straightforward to use and to clean. It features a contoured handle that is easy to grip and does not slip, and attachments that attach and detach easily. These blenders have a long cord that only adds to the times and places you can use them.

Features and Advantages

The most basic Hamilton Beach 2 speed blender, model 58725, features an easy-grip handle, nonslip speed control and an extra-long 5 foot cord. The next model, the 59770, adds a stainless steel whisk attachment and blending wand to the mixing options.

The most advanced models, the 59780 in w

hite and the 59785 in black, add a convenient carrying case and 200 watts of power, for all your blending needs.

These hand blenders are perfect for blending small amounts or making smoothies, adding drink mixes to liquid, and even mixing a few drinks.

Since you don’t have to get out your mixing bowl and blender or power up the stand mixer, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is more convenient than other types of mixer.

This blender also comes with two speeds, making it more versatile that some of the other hand blenders on the market. The two speeds give you more control over the mixer’s power, giving you more options when you’re blending.

Additionally, the blender’s 200 watts of power mean that it can take on some of the more heavy-duty jobs that some hand blenders cannot handle.

While the manufacturer does not recommend using it to chop ice, some users report using it this way consistently with a lot of success. Having 200 watts of power at your disposal means this blender can replace your larger mixer for most jobs.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender 59770
Turbo-Twister 59770
2-Speed Hand Blender


Hamilton Beach Hand Blender 59785
Hamilton Beach 2-Speed 59785
Hand Blender with Case



While the attachments on the blender are easy to remove and replace, they occasionally fall off during use. This can interrupt your blending process, causing some frustration with the blender. This can also be dangerous, if the attachment comes off when the blender is not submerged.

In addition, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender can collect food in a couple of different places, including the top of the attachments and inside the handle casing, making the blender difficult if not impossible, to clean and unsanitary to use.


In its price range, this blender is one of the best. Its 200 watts of power make it more powerful that some of the other hand blenders in its class, thus making it useful for blending things like smoothies that are beyond the reach of some other hand blenders.

While the blender does not have all the features, power, and construction of some of the more expensive hand blenders, for occasional use it can’t be beat.

Braun Hand Blender – Multiquick

One of the most popular hand blenders on the market the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, makes it easy to blend milkshakes, juice drinks, mix sauces, soups, baby food and other blendables in a glass or a pot, without having to manhandle heavy, bulky appliances and dirty more bowls.

Braun Hand Blender MR5550

With its multiple attachments, you can also whisk egg whites, whip cream, or chop vegetables, nuts, and herbs easily and quickly without a lot of mess and hassle.

When it comes to convenient, versatile blending, the Braun Hand Blender Multiquick is the go-to tool for busy chefs everywhere.

The Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, comes in three different versions:

Braun Multiquick Classic

Braun Hand Blender Multiquick Classic

The most basic of these, the Multiquick Classic, has 300 watts of power and comes with a chopper and detachable gear shaft.

The MR 430 HC Plus also comes with a stainless steel whisk attachment.

Both it and the MR 400 HC Plus have easy turn-in attachments, a silent motor, and come with a beaker to make blending easier.

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented Technology - Powerful 350 Watt - Dual Speed - Includes Beaker, Whisk, 505, Black
  • Power bell technology: Durable stainless steel blades and unique bell-shaped blending shaft for fast and finer results
  • Easy click ensures all attachments can be removed with one simple click
  • Turbo boost for added power

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Braun Multiquick Harmony/advantage

Braun Multiquick Hand Blender Harmony

The second version, the Multiquick Harmony/advantage, has 450 watts of power and, depending which model you purchase, comes with a combination of attachments including a detachable blending shaft, a chopper, and a stainless steel whisk.

All of these attachments are dishwasher-safe and the blender comes with a soft grip so it’s comfortable to use. The Harmony/advantage comes with the same silent motor and beaker as the Classic.

Braun Multiquick Artiste/professional

Braun Multiquick hand blender MR5550

The third Multiquick is the Braun MR5550 Artiste/professional version. This machine offers 600 watts of power and various attachments, including the detachable blender shaft and stainless steel whisk that we’ve seen before, but can also come with a multi-function tool, large, medium, or small choppers, and an ice crusher.

In addition, this hand blender is anti-splash, so you won’t make a mess in your kitchen.

This Multiquicks Fresh-System also helps to keep your food fresh for longer, it uses an extraction system to expell and keep air out, creating vacuum preservation.


Braun offered one of the original hand blenders and so is uniquely placed to know what works and what doesn’t in this genre of appliance. Their blenders are known for being powerful and lasting quite a while, which make it stand out among similarly classed appliances.

The Braun Multiquick’s attachments also cause it to stand out from the crowd. While many hand blenders seem to be geared mainly towards chopping soft foods, the Braun has attachments for chopping and even crushing ice, which make it a special little blender indeed.


This blender suffers from some of the same issues that plague other budget hand blenders. Users report motors that burn out, plastic casing that cracks, and attachments that begin to fall off when you change them one too many times. While these problems may be normal, they are still frustrating when you’re faced with chopping by hand or using a bulky blender as an alternative.

In addition, North American users may find it frustrating that the high-end model of the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick Artiste/professional, is difficult to find in their market. No one quite knows why Braun has chosen not to make them more readily available but the fact that they have turns some customers off.


Though the Braun Hand Blender, Multiquick, does not completely overcome the issues that other hand blenders suffer from, the power and attachment options that it offers make it one of the most popular hand blenders on the market. If you’re looking for your best bet as far as power, versatility, and reliability, go check out this Braun blender for your kitchen.

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The Breville Hand Blender

The Breville hand blender is near the top of the cordless immersion blender market, its a simple kitchen appliance that allows you to do simple blending tasks anywhere, anytime.

Breville Hand Blender
Breville Hand Blender

Whether you’re blending drink mixes, making smoothies, or pureeing soups, this handy blender makes blending easier and more convenient than its ever been.

With its multiple attachments, the Breville immersion blender is versatile, too. The different pieces attach easily, so you can perform any number of blending tasks quickly and smoothly. Just return the blender to its base when you’re done, and it will be charged and ready to go the next time you need it.


Breville Hand Blender
Breville Hand Blender

This Breville hand blender features a stainless steel cone with four multi-tiered fins. This Quadra-Fin technology allows you to make smoothies, juice citrus fruit, and more, all within your cup or bowl, and the stainless steel means that the blender won’t rust and so won’t contaminate your food.

The blender also features a 9-3/5 volt NiMH battery, so it has a lot of power for a cordless appliance and the battery lasts longer than regular ones.

The recharging base that comes with this blender is small and easy to use–just plug it into an outlet and you’re ready to go. The Breville immersion blender also has an ergonomic handle, so gripping it shouldn’t cause you pain, and is easy to turn on and off.

As extra perks, the blender comes with a 34-ounce mixing jug and has dishwasher-safe attachments so it’s fast and easy to clean.


The cordless feature of the Breville hand blender makes it more versatile and less unwieldy than other hand blenders, because you can use it wherever you are and don’t have to maneuver around the cord.

This immersion mixer is also easy to clean, much easier than traditional blenders, and so the whole blending experience is quicker and easier than with other appliances. In addition, the attachments are dishwasher safe, so you can be sure they get disinfected every time you use them.

This particular blender has a safety feature requiring users to hold down two buttons to make the blender work. If you have small children or are just worried about an injury from the blender blades, the Breville hand blender can set your mind at ease.


Not unlike other cordless blenders, the Breville hand blender is not made to chop ice and thick chunks. This makes using it a frustrating experience if you’re trying to make a smoothie with ice or chop raw vegetables.

This mixer is also heavier than some models, because it has to house a battery as well as the inner workings of the blender. For those with weak hands and arms, using it can be a chore after a few minutes.

Finally, the Breville immersion blender will shut off when it starts to overheat, which happens sooner with it than with models containing a cord. While this is a safety feature designed to protect the blender’s motor, it can be frustrating to have it turn off in the middle of a blending task.


Though not as powerful as some hand blenders with cords, the Breville immersion blender is near the top of the cordless immersion blender market. If you have need or particularly want a cordless hand blender, this one is a great choice. On the other hand, if power is your main goal, you may want to look at a hand blender with a cord instead of a battery.

Cuisinart Hand Blender – Smartstick

Cuisinart SmartstickOverall, the Cuisinart Smartstick is a solid, fairly reliable little hand held blender. It does most tasks well, though will not perform anything heavy-duty with ease.

The current models of the Cuisinart Smartstick blender are upgrades to the original version released several years ago. As such, they have an improved handle and grip design, more attachments and accessories, and an improved construction quality.

The cuisinart quick prep hand blender is meant to function as multi-purpose prep tools, allowing you to easily blend soups, smoothies and salad dressings, chop vegetables, and mix drinks.

The Cuisinart hand blender, Smartstick, comes in a few varieties:

Features and Advantages

The comfortable, easy grip that the Smartstick has achieved is not to be underestimated. While this is not important to some consumers, being able to hold on to your blender is an issue of safety as well as comfort, and this blender comes out on top.

Though, like most hand blenders, this one is not intended to chop ice, users have found that it does a good job blending crushed ice into smoothies and other drinks. This gives it an advantage over other hand blenders, which cannot even handle a little ice.

The Smartstick is also easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. Most of the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to bother washing them by hand and can be assured of their cleanliness and therefore of your food safety.

All of these blenders feature a limited 3-year warranty from Cuisinart, and most of the attachments and beakers are dishwasher-safe. You will need to read the directions for your blender to find out specifically which parts need to be hand-washed.

The Three Popular Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blenders

CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender

The first Cuisinart immersion blender model is the CSB-76. It has a 200-watt motor, a stick design that allows it to blend in pitchers, pots, bowls, and other small containers, an ergonomic grip, and an easy control for one-handed blending.

The middle-grade Cuisinart immersion blender, the CSB-77.

This Smart Stick has all of the above features plus a control that lets you choose between continuous and pulse blending, a stainless steel blending attachment, whisk attachment, chopper attachment, and a 16 oz. beaker for mixing and measuring.

The final Cuisinart immersion blender, Smartstick CSB-79.

This is a cordless blender with a fast recharge, one-step power switch, chopper and whisk attachments, and the 16 oz. beaker. In addition, it can plug directly into an electrical outlet or be recharged in its wall-mounted recharge station.

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Are There Any Disadvantages?

With only a 200-watt motor, the two corded versions of the Cuisinart hand blender, Smartstick, are probably less powerful than some of their counterparts made by other companies.

In addition, some of the connections (between blade and shaft and between the two sides of the motor housing) in this blender tend to be weak, and so the blender falls apart faster than most consumers would like. While it is not expensive to replace, this can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of preparing something.

Finally, the 200-watt motor can burn out fairly easily in this Cuisinart hand blender Smartstick. While this is a common complaint about most hand blenders, it is still annoying when it happens and the blender must be replaced.

Our Conclusion

Overall, the Cuisinart hand blender Smartstick is a solid, fairly reliable little blender. It does most tasks well, though will not perform anything heavy-duty with ease.

If you’re looking for a blender that will be useful for most kitchen tasks, look no further. If you have a specific use in mind for your blender, you’ll want to check carefully to make sure this one will work for you.

What Do Others Think Of This Blender?

The Cuisinart hand held blender has now garnered more than a thousand reviews on Amazon. The vast majority highly rate this hand blender for its smooth running and ease of cleaning.

To date 805 of the reviews have given it 5 Stars! This vote of confidence can’t really be ignored, can it?

Where To Buy A Cuisinart Hand Blender

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MIXXO Bosch Blender – Cordless Immersion

Bosch blender

This Bosch blender takes it one step further with its cordless design! Bosch are better known as a manufacturer of quality large appliances as this has always been their main focus. The large selection of products and models available in this category is clear proof of this fact.

Bosch blender
MIXXO Bosch blender

However, they have also begun delving into the small appliance market with a cordless immersion blender. This Bosch blender, like their other products, is a high-quality kitchen blender unit using state-of-the-art technology and comes with many accessories making it an indispensable tool for any kitchen.

Model Overview

The Mixxo Cordless Immersion blender is a very practical handheld immersion blender that is perfect for making smoothies, pureeing soups and sauces as well as chopping, dicing and mincing small amounts of ingredients such as cheese, herbs, spices and onions.

It is a powerful yet light unit as it is powered by lithium ion batteries, which are not affected by the “memory” problem other batteries have so you do not have to wait for them to completely run down before recharging. The blender comes with a mixing container, a chopper and a charging stand.


This blender is the first unit of its kind to employ lithium ion technology and features a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 10,500 rpm. Due to the revolutionary technology there is very little loss of power even if the blender is not used for a long time so you will never be left high and dry, even if you haven’t used the unit in a while.

The Bosch blender foot is made of stainless steel and features a design that reduces splatters. It is detachable and cleaning is a breeze as it is dishwasher safe. The mixing container comes with a seal lid so you can store your mixtures without needing to get another container dirty. Just pop the lid on and put the beaker in the refrigerator. The chopping unit comes with stainless steel blades as well as a lid. Its size makes it ideal for chopping small quantities of ingredients such as onions, cheese or even for making your own spice mixes or herb marinades.


Bosch blender
MIXXO Bosch blender

The Mixxo blender can quickly crush ice as well as frozen ingredients making it extremely useful for making smoothies, especially when making smaller quantities. Another advantage is that the chopping unit has suction cups which means you won’t have to keep it still manually. Consumers also appreciate the fact that it is not a noisy unit and that cleanup is quick and easy since all of the components can be loaded into the dishwasher except for the hand unit.

The Bosch blender is also very useful for outdoor parties such as weddings since it does not require a power source and can be used to mix up drinks and sauces.

Overall, consumers were pleased with their purchase and found that the this blender was a quality unit, in line with the rest of the manufacturer’s products.


Some consumers found the Bosch blender to be woefully lacking in the power department, in stark contrast to the majority who claimed it delivered excellent results. Most had issues with brownie, crepe and other batters as well as ice, it seems.

Many found the two-button safety feature on this blender to be unnecessary and quite bothersome, even though they felt the unit performed handsomely. One reviewer also complained that the unit was defective upon arrival.


This blender seems to have garnered mixed reviews but with most owners being extremely pleased with their purchase. They feel Bosch has maintained its reputation for producing quality products with this unit and enjoy its versatility and ease of use.

A functional unit, the Mixxo Bosch blender is the perfect companion for any cook as it makes small, time-consuming tasks a breeze. From chopping onions, to pureeing soups and blending sauces for smooth, silky results, this blender is takes it one step further with its cordless design, allowing you complete freedom in the kitchen.

Bamix Hand Blender – Gordon Ramsay

Bamix hand blender

Bamix Hand Blender

The Gordon Ramsay Bamix hand blender is built like a tank, its a utensil every kitchen should have!
With a great stick blender you can do virtually anything in the kitchen from chopping, grinding, mincing and liquidizing, to blending, whisking and pureeing your food to suit your needs.
The only thing that kept this hand blender out of our top three was the price point. It’s a top quality product but can be a little on the expensive side.

Having said that, as Gordon Ramsey has endorsed the product you know you will be buying a professional utensil for your kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay has used the blender in his professional role as a chef for years. Even at home he uses this blender when he needs one. He was introduced to the blender by Guy Savoy back in 1991 he was so impressed he lent his name to it.

Features and Advantages

The Gordon Ramsay hand blender is packed full of features, all designed to make your life easier in the kitchen:

The motor speed is 18,000rpm which makes this the most powerful hand blender available on the market To say the motor is powerful the blender is very quiet when you use it.

Three different blades come with the blender and along with the dry grinder you are sure to have something for any use you can think of in the kitchen. The blades are all easily clipped into place on the blender making the process smooth and effortless.

Being Swiss made you are sure of the quality and workmanship of the blender, coupled with a ten year guarantee you can be assured that, should anything happen to your hand blender you will be able to have it repaired in no time.

The Gordon Ramsay hand blender comes with a stand so you can put your blender away neat and tidy once you have finished with it. It’s so compact when on the stand you could put it in a cupboard.

The beautiful design and rounded features of the blender, plus the titanium color sets this hand blender apart from all the other blenders on the market. It certainly is an attractive utensil and looks great in the kitchen, even when not in use.

The blender and attachments are easy to clean and click onto the base of the blender effortlessly.

One of the things that set this blender out from all the others is the recipe book and DVD that comes with the hand blender when you purchase. The DVD shows Gordon Ramsay demonstrating how to use the hand blender in a variety of cooking situations. The recipe book includes some excellent recipes you can try out for yourself.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are a few disadvantages with the Gordon Ramsay hand blender. Some people say the blender is actually heavy and that the grinding bowl was a little small.

These issues, I am sure, will be rectified in later releases.

Our Conclusion

The Bamix has been around for some time now and in those years there have been modifications and design changes with each successive model making the hand blender better.

When Gordon Ramsay was introduced to the blender by Guy Savoy back in 1991 he was so impressed he lent his name to the blender.

Having someone like Gordon Ramsay endorse a product means when you purchase the blender you are getting a product which is well built, reliable and does what it says on the tin.

You get a lot for your money when you purchase the Gordon Ramsay Bamix hand blender compared to makes of similar quality.