Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender

Hamilton Beach Tempest - HBH650There is not one Hamilton Beach commercial blender, but several. Of these, a few of the most popular models are the Tempest (HBH650), the Summit (HBH850) and the HBF400 food blender.

The first two are designed specifically to blend smoothies and other beverages, while the third is focused on the successful blending of food in a commercial context.

With each of these blenders comes Hamilton Beach’s name and reputation. Some individuals and businesses will not buy anything except Hamilton Beach commercial blender, because the name signifies so much in terms of reliability and longevity of the blender.

If you’re looking for a good commercial blender, Hamilton Beach probably has something to offer you.

Hamilton Beach Summit - HBH850Both the Tempest and the Summit versions of the Hamilton Beach commercial blender offer wave action, which means that the blades are designed to make sure everything in the blender is blended smoothly and consistently. In addition, they both offer a 3 hp motor and a 1.9 liter stack-able plastic blending jar.

The difference between these two models is that the Summit has the added feature of an automatic shut-off. This blender can actually gauge when a drink is done and stop, so nothing gets blended too far.

The HBH400 is made to blend food precisely. You have a lot of control over the 1 hp motor. It will blend, mix, chop, and puree without any problems. This commercial blender also offers automatic shut-off, so nothing is blended beyond where you want it to be.

Hamilton Beach HBF400 Food Blender
Hamilton Beach HBF400 Food Blender


Both the Tempest and the Summit are known for their smooth drinks and for the wave technology that allows that to happen. If you’re looking for a Hamilton Beach commercial blender that will make all of your smoothies consistent, either of these models will work for you.

In addition, the automatic shutoff of the Summit and the HBH400 can save you a lot of trouble. With this feature, these blenders take some of the guesswork out of blending and allow you more time to do other things in the kitchen.

The power of these commercial blenders also cannot be beat. These motors are competitive with other blenders in their class, but are known for working more efficiently and more powerfully than some of their competitors.


The Hamilton commercial blender is known for being loud during operation. While this is true of most blenders with this much power, some consumers say that Hamilton Beach blenders are louder than others. Though the company has made an effort to shield the motor, it can still raise quite a racket.

These blenders are also quite expensive. Again, that is not out of the ordinary for a commercial smoothie, bar, or food blender. However, customers who are not sure if they need as much power as these blenders offer may find themselves better off testing one before they purchase it or buying a cheaper blender to upgrade if necessary.


Whether you need a Hamilton Beach commercial blender for smoothies or food, one of these should be right for you. As long as you’re sure you’ll use the power and need more than the standard kitchen blender to achieve your goals, these blenders are worth every penny.

If you’re not sure how much power you need, you may be better off purchasing a Hamilton Beach kitchen blender and upgrading later if you find it necessary.

Where To Buy A Hamilton Beach commercial blender

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Overview Of Blendtec Commercial Blender Range

blendtec q series commercial blender

The Blendtec commercial blender range features countertop units such as the Q series which are designed for high performance as well as low noise output, and the Chef Blender, created in conjunction with leading chef’s which has resulted in an excellent unit that offers full control over food preparation.

blendtec q series commercial blender
Blendtec Q Series Commercial Blender

Blendtec also offers a range of high tech blender dispensers, which can be programmed to dispense and blend any combination of up to 8 ingredients automatically.

Blendtec Q Series

Blendtec Q Series Blender
Blendtec Q Series Blender

The Q series (Smoother) range of units in the commercial line, offer patented Advanced Blending Control ™ technology which allows users to put the machine through an entire blending cycle with a single push of the button.

It also comes with an excellent safety feature that stops the blender as soon as the lid is lifted, to prevent injury.

This Blendtec commercial blender offers 30 pre-programmed blend cycles, a blue LCD display showing the cycle count and the Advanced Blending Control ™ patented technology.

It comes with solid-state electronics for improved performance, no-Tend touch pad controls and can be used either on a counter top or in one.

The Q series commercial blender is also designed for quiet operation, running at half the sound levels of most commercial blenders. It features sound reducing fan technology as well as an additional enclosure designed to reduce noise even further.

The base of the unit is modeled to dampen sound and it also comes with a vibration reducing motor gasket.

Blendtec Chef Blender

Blendtec Commercial Blender
Blendtec Commercial Chef Blender

Blendtec Chef BlenderCommercial blender

The Chef Blender Blendtec commercial blender was designed with the input of leading chefs from all over the world to create a unique unit that offers high tech automation yet at the same time offers unparalleled control over the entire preparation process.

It comes with time-saving electronic controls that allow users to create and memorize various blending cycles that can be used repeatedly.

The Chef blender offers similar features as the Q series range, except that instead of pre-programmed blend cycles, it allows for better customization with a memory function.

The latter permits users to save their own blend cycles for increased control over the food preparation process.


The Chef blender is a professional unit that features excellent control over the preparation process by allowing users to program the unit with their own blend cycles and, subsequently, save them in the unit’s memory. Not only does this speed up food preparation but also allows kitchen help and assistants to use the same precise process which has been designed by the chef, offering perfect results every time, no matter who is doing the preparation.

The Q series blender is designed for professional use in bars and other commercial venues. It can be used to prepare a variety of products, from coffees, to ice cream, smoothies, sauces and much more. It is designed with extreme safety in mind as the unit switches itself off if the lid is removed, thus preventing the possibility of injury.

The 30 pre-programmed cycles allow for speedy operation, even in the case of the most complicated tasks, while the ability to program the unit with other blend cycles offers further control for users. Despite the power of the blenders in this line, they also operate at a much lower noise level than other commercial blenders. In fact, the noise output is half that of regular blenders, making it ideal for any setting, from noisy bars to quiet cafes.

On all Blendtec commercial blenders, the square design of the jar allows for easy cleaning and it is much easier to scrape all the contents out of the jar. The high power these units feature also means that they can handle virtually any ingredient.


The main disadvantage of the Blendtec commercial blender is the high price point. However, since they are designed for extreme use in commercial settings and can save on time, therefore money, they can be considered as a serious investment for any commercial venue.


Despite the high price point of the Blendtec commercial blender, it is one of the best commercial blenders available on the market, incorporating high tech controls and functions with a solid, robust design that can handle any task sent its way.