The Tribest Blender

Tribest Blender

The small and compact Tribest blender is perfect for anyone who wants to make simple recipes without all the fuss and high tech gadgetry that comes with some blenders. The Tribest personal blender is an all in one single serving blender which will make short work of the tasks you … Read more

The Viking Blender

viking blender

The Viking blender is a powerful processor that will handle almost anything in mere moments. Its equipped with a high-torque motor that is designed for the frequent use a commercial setting demands from a blender. This unit also features an electronic sensor that will maintain continuous and smooth speed so … Read more

The Viking Food Processor

With time at a premium in most peoples lives having a quality food processor like the Viking food processor could be a god send and a quick and easy way to make wholesome, fresh and appetizing meals for you, your family and friends. You strive to have the best and … Read more

The Viking Stand Mixer

Viking Stand Mixer

The Vikings have a reputation for being one of the greatest warriors in history so much so that anything associated with them are also perceived to have great qualities. It is safe to assume then that the Viking stand mixers were designed and manufactured with great qualities in terms of … Read more

Wolfgang Puck Food Processor

A Wolfgang Puck food processor is an elegant and practical touch for almost any kitchen. There are several different models available, each of which offers its own unique qualities to the model owner. The Wolfgang Puck food processor comes in various sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate a wide range … Read more

The Philips Hand Blender

The Philips hand blender is such a versatile and awesome blender. It will feel equally at home in the professional or private kitchen mixing, chopping or mashing your food and with a powerful motor, even the hardest jobs will be completed with ease. There are plenty of attachments for you … Read more

The Rival Blender

rival blender

Rival are renowned for crock pots, griddles and useful kitchen products other than kitchen blenders.  Now the Rival blender collection is now another great addition to the existing lines, its a a collection of blenders all designed to make life easier in the kitchen. They come in different motor sizes … Read more

The Bella Cucina Rocket Blender

rocket blender

The rocket blender is a perfect utility to have in and around the kitchen whether you are a couple moving into your first apartment or home, or a single person with your own apartment. They are an all round blender and will make anything from a smoothie for breakfast to … Read more

The Vortex Manual Blender – Benefits and Features

Vortex Blender

The manual blender takes an old concept and integrates it into a modern unit as this is a blender that relies on human power, rather than electricity. If you are in the market for a hand crank blender there’s only one decent choice available in my book and that’s the … Read more

The Montel Williams Blender

The Montel Williams Blender, originally known as the Health Master blender, is promoted as a blender that will do everything… Does it? Instead of just blending, this blender is supposed to juice, grind, grate, whip and 26 more things that normal blenders do not do. With all of these features, … Read more

Morphy Richards Hand Blender

morphy richards hand blender

The Morphy Richards hand blender  is a versatile and easy to use, it could be an integral tool in every kitchen, it is such a useful implement. This electric hand blender packs a powerful punch when it comes to all your kitchen blending, mixing or chopping needs, and with eight … Read more

The Kalorik Blender Review

kalorik blender

There are many different models available today if you are looking for a high speed blender. But Kalorik is fairly unknown, as a company it’s been building quality products since the 1930’s in Belgium and since then have expanded across Europe. They have a reputation for great workmanship and design build … Read more