The Hamilton Beach Blender Range

In today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part. The Hamilton Beach Blender brand offers a an incredible selection of blender types, with everything from your normal plastic jar blender to all-metal blenders and specialized single serving blenders. Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blenders In general, the Hamilton Beach … Read more

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is made to meet all your on-the-go blending needs. It will mix single-serve portions and you can take the blending jar, complete with its lid, right off the blender and away with you. This blender is perfect for quick morning coffee shakes, snacks for the … Read more

Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender Review

hamilton beach wavestation blender

When people see cheap blenders they tend to think of cheap parts and held together with string but that is not the case with the Hamilton Beach WaveStation Blender It seems Hamilton Beach have managed to make a small and compact quality cheap blender that will blend, chop and puree … Read more

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender – The All-Metal Blender

In today’s modern kitchen people want appliances that look the part and with the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Blender, that is what you get. They sport a sleek and stylish look, come in a variety of colors from white (sugar) to ultra marine and of course the popular chrome look. All … Read more

The Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

When looking for a food processor there’s lots of choice available, particularly when it comes to a Hamilton Beach food processor. From the small 6 cup processors all the way up to a mighty 14 cup Hamilton Beach have it covered. If you have a busy lifestyle or even if … Read more

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

In its price range, the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender is one of the best. This is one of the best immersion blenders and will allow you to do all the things you normally do with a blender in your cooking pan or glass instead. This includes blending drink mixes, making smoothies, … Read more

Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu 5 Speed Blender

The Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu is a high tech blender from Hamilton. Complete with powerful motor and a patented blending system the Liquid Blu seems to have everything you would want from a blender and possibly more. To begin with, the 59205 Liquid Blu blender includes a powerful 800 watt … Read more

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender

hamilton beach stay or go

Hamilton has been making blenders for many years now and with their other appliances sells around 35 million different units a year. With the release of the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 10 Speed Blender that figure could well go higher due in part to the fact this blender allows … Read more

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders

hamilton beach thermal cooler blender

Another classic from the Hamilton stable, the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders seem to have it covered when one wants to go out and enjoy oneself at the beach or on a picnic or party and take your favorite drink with you. It has a 48 ounce thermal cooler, interchangeable … Read more

Hamilton Beach 10 Speed Blender

The Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender comes in no fewer than 10 different forms. It ranges from the basic 50200MP BlendMaster model to the ThermalCool 10 Speed and the Stay or Go blender. It’s safe to say that, if having multiple blending speeds is important to you, the Hamilton Beach … Read more

Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender – Classic Chrome

Another blender in the Hamilton cabinet is the Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender. This classic chrome blender is a cheap, reliable and sleek machine with a polished base that will look good in the kitchen. But underneath that cool, sleek exterior is a powerful motor and equally powerful blade just … Read more

Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender – The Ensemble Blender

If you are looking for a powerhouse of a blender in the kitchen then a Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender could be the one for you. A powerful motor and many different speeds including a pulse function, the Hamilton Beach Blender will make short work of those ingredients for you. … Read more