The Cuisinart Blender Range

One of the main advantages of any Cuisinart blender is the name. These products have been a staple for years and are known to function well and have a long life. The features of your Cuisinart¬†appliance will vary depending on which blender you buy. Cuisinart Power BlendersPowerBlend/PowerEdge The Cuisinart PowerEdge … Read more

The Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart kitchen appliances are well-known for their good quality in terms of beauty, functionality and durability. There have been many hits along with some misses over the years, which are to be expected in the competitive market of kitchen appliances, but the hits outnumber the misses. We are confident that … Read more

Cuisinart Power Blender – Power Edge/Power Blend

It would seem that Cuisinart have done it again with their Power Edge blender. Not only does this Cuisinart blender have a very powerful motor on board for strong blending, but a large glass jar to make those huge smoothies and other delicious drinks and foods. But it’s not just … Read more

Cuisinart Smart Power Blender

The Cuisinart blender range is designed to take the hard work out of all those blending duties in the kitchen. Complete with quality motors that will make short work of anything you throw at them, this Cuisinart Smart Power blender could be a valued friend when one is crushing ice, … Read more

PowerBlend Cuisinart Blender Food Processor

cuisinart powerblend duet blender

The PowerBlend Cuisinart blender food processor comes with a powerful 500 watt motor that can pulse, stir, mix, puree, chop as well as crush ice quickly and easily. When used as a food processor it can slice, shred or process virtually any ingredients making it an excellent addition to any … Read more

SmartPower Cuisinart Duet Blender/Food Processor

cuisinart duet blender food processor

Price wise the Cuisinart duet blender/food processor and the upgraded SmartPower Deluxe model both work out cheaper to buy when compared to a food processor and blender. The SmartPower Cuisinart Duet Blender does a couple of jobs well, enabling you to have less kitchen appliances in your home but continue … Read more

The Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor

There are lots of Cuisinart processors to choose from but choosing the right one when out shopping for a processor can be mind boggling. That’s why food processor reviews online are now an important part of consumer purchasing and can be the difference between a product selling well or badly. … Read more

Cuisinart Hand Blender – Smartstick

Overall, the Cuisinart Smartstick is a solid, fairly reliable little hand held blender. It does most tasks well, though will not perform anything heavy-duty with ease. The current models of the Cuisinart Smartstick blender are upgrades to the original version released several years ago. As such, they have an improved … Read more